Today on The Show - Tuesday, June 6th

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Eddie: Tom Holland Visits Children's Hospital
Sky: Dirty Jokes in Spongebob Squarepants
Ashlee: Look How Cute My Dog Is
Thor: My Dad sent me this video of him doing "tricks" with a fidget spinner

Today on The Show

Ashlee vs Thor Rap Battle - Ashlee "Benji" vs Thor "Drop Fat"

San Diego International to Offer Airport-Wide Gate Delivery Service

Surprise No. 1 in Yelp's first list of S.D.'s most popular restaurants

City Council eliminates $5M for special election on SoccerCity, convention center

Soccer tournament bans 8-year-old girl's team because she 'looks like a boy'

The Surprising Stat of people who regret a tattoo, plus cringe-worthy stories to match

15 Depressing Things the Average American Would Do to Erase Student Loans

Self-Absorbed Best Man Hijacks Wedding And The Internet Is Appalled

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