One Person Stabbed In Brawl At North Park Observatory Concert

One person was stabbed during a fight at the XXXtentacion concert last night at the North Park Observatory.

The fight began around 9pm and video posted to social media shows a man rush the stage and punch the rapper XXXtentacion, knocking him over.  Security guards jump in to stop the fight and an all-out brawl breaks out.

In one video, a security guard appears to be carrying a man off stage.  Police later confirmed that one person was stabbed but the injuries are not considered to be life threatening.

According to one concert-goer that witnessed the entire fight, he said the crowd quickly got out of control.

"Security was trying to do their job, but when you are three-feet away from the performer, just behind a five-foot fence, it looks like members of the crowd tried to get their hits in too,"

Another video posted below.

XXXtentacion later responded to Rob Stone on Instagram after getting knocked out. 

Warning!  Languange NSFW

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