Rise Of New Sexual Orientation 'Pornosexual'

Thanks to the internet giving access to free online porn, people can now fulfill their sexual urges for free online with absolutely no need for another person in the room.

This is happening so often researchers have even given  a name for those that specifically prefer to watch porn over having real sex with a real person, 'pornosexual.'

Sex addiction specialist and therapist, Christine Lozano delved into the topic more deply and claims that 'the convenience of getting off online without having to do the potential work of having to please your partner, the vulnerability, intimacy and connection with others can actually deter people from having sexual relations with a real human'

Lozano also claims that the more a person watches porn on a regular basis the more they increase their susceptibility to becoming pornosexual, as their brains become desensitized.

Not all people who watch porn are pornosexuals on therapist claims, it's only those who prefer to experience all of their sexual pleasure in isolation rather than shared.

With Pornhub, people can easily tailor their sexual preferences online and with the click of a button they can change the persons height, weight, sex, age, sexual position and any move they prefer without feeling guilty.

Porn allows men to avoid having awkward conversations about what they like or dislike in bed - or more what they can do to please their partner.

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