The Internet Is Going Nuts Over This Penis-Shaped Sea Creature

There are definitely some creepy looking sea creatures that lurk in the darkest, deepest parts of the ocean. As Twitter pointed out, there is also some pretty hilarious looking ones too.

As you can tell, the sea creature in question is very phallic shaped.

According to the International Business Times UK, this specimen is called a peanut worm and can be found 4,000 meters down in Australia's Eastern Abyss.  

It gets its name because, like a penis it also shrinks when it feels threatened.  These animals can contract their long heads inwards looking like a peanut in it's full shrunken state.

Obviously the Business Times was looking for this specific reaction and oh boy did they get it!  Let's just say it looks like a lot of people are going to be taking up deep sea diving.

Here's what Twitter had to say...

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