The Real Story Behind Gal Gadot's Paycheck For Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Faster than a speeding bullet is how quickly unreliable reporting moves across the internet.  That's exactly what happened when Gal Gadot's salary made its way across the internet.

Initially reported, Gadot only made $300,000 for "Wonder Woman" which is quite a small amount compared to her DC counterpart Henry Cavill, who reportedly made $14 million as Superman.

The story went viral immediately, which makes sense considering "Wonder Woman" is one of the biggest hits of the summer making more than $573 million worldwide which was a reminder of the huge salary gap inequality.

Despite the Hollywood pay gap, however, the previously reported differences between Gadot and Cavill's paycheck was completely inaccurate, according to a more reliable source with knowledge of contract negotiations.

While details for the contracts couldn't be verified, the source told CNN that "Gal Gadot was paid at least as much as Henry Cavill for their first pictures." 

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