Throwback Thursday on The Show - June 22nd

The Show's Throwback Thursday Blogs:

Eddie: The True Grill Master

Sky: 1991 Middle School Graduation

Ashlee: My New Summer Hair

Thor: My dad making the newspaper back high school 1973

Today on The Show:

Who is rich in America? Wealth now starts at $2.4 million

Ashlee's New Summer Hair!

Mets take issue with Yasiel Puig's home run trot in Dodgers' win


167 people paid it forward at a McDonald's on Father's Day

Hold the phone. Did Colorado just make it legal to text and drive?

Sisters attacked, family dog killed by Africanized bee swarm

Alaska fishermen ‘chased out’ of Bering Sea by gangs of killer whales

Defiant call centre worker, 20, who was sent home for wearing shorts to the office despite the heatwave dons a bright pink dress in ‘protest’

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