Man Sent Home For Wearing Shorts To Office Comes Back In Pink Dress

A very defiant call center worker was sent home for wearing shorts to the office during a heatwave came back to work wearing this pink drss as a 'protest' against this dress code.

Originally Joey Barge was wearing a pair of smart blue shorts and his bosses deemed that they were inappropriate attire for the office despite the sweltering heat.

Minutes after he was sent home from work he took to Twitter asking his followers: 'If women can wear skirts/ dresses at work can I wear smart shorts like so?'

Joey then returned to work in a pink dress as a protest against the rules. 

Knowing that he'd be sent home again, he took to Twitter one more time to post a chic selfie of his pink dress that he decided to wear to work. 

To his surprise, his defiance sparked a change in the rules in what men can wear to work.  Bosses sent out an email stating that men can wear three-quarter length shorts in 'black, navy blue or beige' only.

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