Dunkin Donuts Sued Claiming 'Steak' Sandwich Doesn't Contain Steak

A New York woman is claiming that she found no steak inside of her Angus Steak and Egg sandwich that she purchased at Dunkin Donuts.

Chefen Chen has gone as far as filing a federal class-action lawsuit against Dunkin Donuts Branks, Inc. alleging that the company's Angus Steak and Egg Sandwich doesn't actually contain any steak at all.

What exactly is steak though? Is it a specific cut of beef?  Is it a byproduct made from these cuts of beef?

Chen is arguing that the "steak" in Dunkin Donuts sandwich is an "inferior product of minced meat which contains 'fillers and binders'," and is therefore very misleading to consumers.

The way that the sandwich was advertised, Chen claims that Dunkin Donuts implies that the sandwich is a "superior product to its classic sandwiches and wraps" and feels that by marketing the steak sandwich in such a fashion that the chain has been able to charge a premium price for this 'Steak' sandwich.

Chen claims she paid $3.99 for the sandwich at a Queens location, which is a whole .50 more than she would have paid for an egg and cheese bagel.  .50 is a premium price, you know....

Of course Chen is seeking monetary compensation of an undisclosed amount plus treble and punitive damages, as well as restitution and attorney fees.

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