What Your Style Of Handshake Say About You

Your first impression says a lot about you and when you meet someone the first thing you usually do is shake their hand.  That first impression can say a whole lot about you. More than you even realize so read this and find out how big of a role your handshake style plays.

Passive Handshake

Sometimes called the "dead fish" handshake you probably have a very limp hand when you go in for the handshake and kinda feels like your holding a dead fish.  

This style of handshake indicates that you are probably pretty uncertain of yourself. Probably not confident  and are beaten down and defeated, so their handshakes are telegraphing people's perceptions of themselves.

Aggressive Handshake

You've probably been told that you have a bone crushing handshake and the person whose hand you are shaking feels like they were just mauled or manhandled by the other person.

Signs of an aggressive handshake include snatching the hand and squeezing too hard or perhaps they pump your arm too vigorously, or they might even yank you towards them rather than allowing you to stand their distance.  

You probably already know what type of person this is.  The overly confident and the "I want to dominate or control you" type of person.   Aggressive people tend to think that they have more personal rights than most others and they telegraph that superiority through a rough handshake, glaring eye contact, interruptions and many other aggressive behaviors.

Assertive Handshake

Obviously the ideal handshake of the 3.  An assertive handshake is the perfect combination of the two.  Not too limp and not too aggressive either.  It's a gentle but firm squeeze, you pump your arms from one to three times and of course maintaining eye contact, smiling and saying hello. 

This handshake tells people that you are quite comfortable with yourself as well as the situation.

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