Many Women Claim They Won't Date A Man Because Of One Financial Issue

The wage gap might be shrinking, but there is still one financial issue that most women find an issue.  Turns out that many women in higher positions still want their partner to be the primary breadwinner or at least make the same amount of money as they do.

Over 22% of women say that they would not consider dating someone that makes less money than them.   Compared to just 4% of men that say that they would not date someone that makes less money than they do.

According to researchers, people don't want to be in a relationship that will economically disadvantage them.  More than half of Americans claim that they would not marry someone with a significant amount of debt.  In another study 58% of Americans claimed that they are uncomfortable being the primary breadwinner.  That breakdown varied greatly by gender with 69% being women and only 49% of men saying that they'd feel uncomfortable footing the majority of the bills.

That's not the end of it though. Researchers say that they higher your credit score, the more likely your relationship will last.


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