5 Tips On How To Finally Get Over Your Ex

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When a break-up happens it's a lot different for guys than it is women.  As we know, women and men process pain and emotions very differently.

Men tend to internalize pain more.  Meaning you may not outwardly cry about it and you may not even want to talk about it whereas women are far more emotive and are more likely to talk to their gal pals and express her feelings whereas men will just try to stay busy and distracted or even cope in unhealthy ways such as getting drunk on a regular basis.

Here are 8 healthy ways in which you can truly get over your ex.

5. Try Online Dating

One of the most effective ways of moving forward from a relationship is to set your sights on a new opportunity. Now, we're not saying jump from one relationship to the next, but going out with women here and there can keep your mind occupied and your confidence level up.

For a hook-up check out FriendFinder-x or Tinder

For the monogamous guys, try Match of Zoosk.

4. Stop Communicating With Her

You are not allowing yourself to move on if you keep contacting her.  if she's the one that keeps contacting you then she doesn't want to let you move on.  Either way, you need time and space that will allow you to move forward.

3. Unfriend Her On Social Media

It's not rude to unfollow or unfriend her on social media.  In fact, for your own sanity it's the best thing that you can do.  You need to separate yourself from her and move on so you don't find yourself getting jealous if she posts pics with a new man or so you don't find yourself stalking her every move. 

Remember that people's lives are 'photoshopped' on social media which means that just because your ex posts about how fabulous she's doing doesn't mean that is the truth.  It's just what they want you and everyone else to think.

2. Do NOT Rush Into Another Relationship

I'm sure your grandpa has said the best way to get over someone is to find a replacement but that isn't always the best thing you can do for yourself and it definitely isn't fair to the new person that you bring into your life. The 'good' thing about being single again is that you gain the opportunity to become a better you and get in touch with yourself again.  We tend to lose that in relationships sometimes. 

1. Focus on What You Love

You're a single man now! It's time for you to do things that you enjoy doing and do more of it!  You love to golf... get out there and do it.   Spend time with your buddies.  Just doing things that make you happy will remove negativity and drama that a breakup can cause.  Get out and start having fun!

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