Men Lie Online About Career & Fitness Where Women Lie About Looks

A new report finds that two in five people admit to lying on their online dating profiles. Of those people we find that men tend to stretch the truth a little about their fitness habits and their careers.

Women on the other hand tend to lie by enhancing their online profile photos by using filters to enhance their looks ans well as not being completely truthful about their love life.

Of those that admitted to lying online say that they do so at least twice a week with men leading the way with their fibs by lying three times more often than women.

The survey of 2,000 Britons by Insurance Firm Privilege found one in six people has set up a fake profile online, just so they can 'troll' others by posting negative comments anonymously, while another 17% have used social media with the sole intent of making an ex jealous.

The most common fibs tend to be about one's hobbies, weight and height.

More than one quarter of women who admit to lying confess to using filters to enhance photographs of themselves.

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