10 Bad Things That Happen When You Aren't Having Sex

The Show talked about the bad things that happen when you stop having sex.  What does that mean for Sky the sex camel then? 

1. Fewer Endorphins

Arousal and orgasm releases feel-good chemicals known as endorphins in your body.  These chemicals are known to relieve pain and boost your mood.  When you stop having sex regularly you miss out on those boosts of endorphins.

2. More Stress

Remember back to the last time you had sex and how relaxed you felt afterwards? Well you may not be surprised to learn that less sex makes way for way more stress.  IN a recent study of college women who reported their levels of daily stress and sexual activity during several months before a major exam, the women who were having the most amount of sex also reported having the least amount of stress.

3. Less Relationship Satisfaction

Intimacy is the glue to your relationship.  It draws you together and keeps you more emotionally connected.  Less sex in a relationship may also lead to a drop in satisfaction for you both.

This may be because orgasm causes the release of a checmical in the brain known as oxytocin, also known as the "bonding hormone."

4. Self-Judgment And Lower Self-Esteem

Not only does lack of sex create less satisfaction in a relationship but it can calso damage your self esteem as well. Minimal sex or sex drive can also lead to many other emotional challenges such as self-judgment, anxiety and just lower self esteem in general.

5. Erectile Dysfunction

According to studies published in the American Journal of Medicine, men who reported having sexual intercourse once per week were half as likely to experience erectile dysfunction when compared with men who had sex less frequently.

6. A Less Toned Vagina

Your vagina contains muscles and the less you use those muscles, the less toned they become.  This is especially important for older women.  According to the North American Menopause Society, lack of sex can cause more dryness and less elasticity which are already common with a hormonal shift.  Sex stimulates blood flow in your genitals, and helps keep your vaginal muscles toned while maintaining their current length and stretchiness.

7. Less Lubrication

whether you are male or female, wetness plays a major role in sexual arousal. Although there could be many reasons for dryness "down there" studies show that the less you have sex the less lubrication your body will produce. Routine masturbation or couple play may make all the difference.

8. Lower Moods

It's tough to know what comes first, lower moods or lower sex drive but research shows a significant link between the two.  If yo'ure feeling down or depressed, they you may be less intersted in sex but the feel good perks of sex, however, may be just what the doctor ordered.

9. Fewer Heart-Health Benefits

One study in the American Journal of Cardiology linked low sex frequence with an increased likelihood of cardiovasular disease.  Studies like this don't necessarily prove that sex prevents heart disease, but they do show that sex does suit a heart-healthy lifestyle.

10. Lower Immune Function

Touch, arousal and orgasm can lower stress level in the body by setting those feel-good chemicals in motion.  This is also very helpful for your immune system because your body can better defend itself when it isn't stressed.  If you aren't having sex you are potentially making yourself more vulnerable to colds, flu and other viruses.

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