Today on The Show - Wednesday, July 19th

The Show's Blogs:

Eddie: Winter Is Here!

Sky: Celebrities Do Safety Videos

Thor: Tom Brady's First Ever TV Interview!  Tom Looks So Different!

Today on The Show:

Star-Studded Guest List for 'Conan' at Comic-Con: 'Game of Thrones,' 'Kingsman'

Business Leaders to Announce Plan to Fund Homeless Tents

The Best Excuses to Get Out of Work  

Mariners minor leaguers take Uber from Phoenix to Albuquerque

Wednesday is National Hot Dog Day! Find freebies, deals on dogs

We Tasted the Finalists for Lay's Newest Potato Chip Flavor

12 Bad Things That Happen to Your Health When You Stop Having Sex

Science Confirms That ‘Hangry’ Is A Real Thing, So Always Have Food At Your Crib For Your Girl

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