San Diego Unified School's Sex Ed Curriculum Is Upsetting Some Parents

San Diego Unified School District officials have put together their most critical issues that they are to discuss with students this year regarding sexual education and some parents are upset over what the school is choosing to tell their children.

District leaders will clarify these issues and policies for parents before they are taught to children.  

The video above is one video that the school district intends to share with children to explain pornography.

Parent's are upset, calling it cartoon "porn" and are saying that is "too much, too soon" for their children who are as young as 10-years-old.

A petition has been started online which demands a new curriculum for children.  The district is saying that the cartoons are informational and lessons are age-appropriate.  Parents also have the option to opt out of sending their children to the sex ed class as nearly 200 parents have already decided to do.

Read more and find out the results of the district board's decision to remove these cartoons from curriculum at

Vote: Would you allow schools to show this video to your children?

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