Justin Bieber Accidentally Hits Photographer With Truck

As Justin Bieber was leaving church in Beverly Hills, he accidentally ran over a photographer... the entire incident was caught on camera by every other photographer standing by.

Justin was leaving church and when he pulled away from the church he gunned it to pull away and hit one of the photographers.  You can see clearly in the video that Justin's front tire hits and rolls over the photog.

Justin immediately stopped the vehicle and got out to see if the man was okay. Justin stayed by the man's side until paramedics arrived and he stayed to talk to the police.  Justin left with a friend while another one drove his truck.

Police say that the photographer has suffered non life-threatening injuries.

Just a few hours after the, the photographer himself posted a video describing the the incident, calling Bieber a good kid and saying that he thought the truck was too big for him and went on to call him "compassionate" and a "good kid."

Props to this photographer for being cool about it and not trying to sue... yet.

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