Romanian "Stunt Thieves" Steal $590,000 Worth Of iPhones Out Of Moving Truc

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After a year-long manhunt, police have arrested a gang of five Romanian thieves near a large collection of Van Gogh paintings in the Netherlands.  

The cops found $590,000 worth of iPhones that the suspects have allegedly lifted off the back of a truck- while it was barreling down the highway.

According to police the thieves drive a modified van right up to the bumper of a cargo truck where two of them climb out of the van's sun roof and down on to the front of the hood.

One of the crazier stunt thieves will need to crack the lock on the back of the van while the other thief holds his legs.

Once the doors are open, the climb into the back and transfer as much expensive cargo out of the back of the van as possible.

Police claim that this stunt gang is responsible for 17 highway heists in the last 2 years and believe that they may have been plotting a heist of historic proportions on the Van Gogh paintings.  

Sure would make a great movie!

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