Huge Tarantula Scares Family After Second Sighting In Scripps Ranch

One Scripps Ranch family is shaken up after finding a huge tarantula hiding inside of their microwave, just days after their neighbor found one in his shoe.

While tarantulas do live across all areas of San Diego County, pest control officials say that it's rare to find them inside of homes.  After this year's very wet winter we have seen a rise in all kinds of critters this year which include spiders, mice, lizards and of course tarantulas.

One resident in Scripps Ranch was shocked and disgusted when Hannah Dafferner opened her microwave and discovered the huge hairy spider.

"Wait, they make spiders that big here? No," Dafferner said, with a shudder. "I thought my little sister was pulling a prank on me. I didn’t think it was real until it moved its leg."

Her home is very close to an open space and the family said they do leave their doors open to let the dogs in and out.  

Just a couple of days earlier, another homeowner a few miles north of the Dafferner family found a tarantula in his garage.  Turns out the critter built a home inside of his shoe.  The home owner was confused because his shoe wouldn't fit.  when he put his hand inside his shoe to find out why, he felt a large hairy object in the front of the shoe.

Experts say that tarantulas are for the most part very docile and usually won't bite but they can, and if they do it feels no worse than a bee sting. Their first defense is to hide.

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