Nearly Half Of Americans Believe In Aliens According To Survey

The Show discussed the topic of aliens this morning and whether they believe aliens exist or not.  Listen to what they had to say and then share your opinion below

According to a recent survey of 1700 Americans conducted by 20th Centry Fox Home Entertainment, nearly half of Americans believe in aliens.

20th Century Fox Entertainment commissioned this survey as part of their promotional campaign for upcoming sci-fi thriller movie Phoenix Forgotten.

Phoenix Forgotten is a "found footage" sci-fi thriller similar to the Blair Witch Project that is set during a famous mass UFO sighting in Phoenix Arizona.

For this movie 20th Century Fox polled American's to find out just how many actually believe in UFO's and alien encounters. Here's what they found:

Half of Americans believe that aliens do exist.  In whatever form, they exist. Almost just as many American's believe that aliens have visited earth whereas only 20% believe in alien abduction and a slightly smaller percentage claim to have actually seen a UFO. In a more interesting finding however, 39% of those surveyed believe that aliens have visited the earth before.

What do you think?

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