Taylor Swift Going To Trial After Former DJ Fired For Groping

This morning The Show discussed Taylor Swifts trial that claims a guy groped her and got fired for. The DJ insists he didn't grope her and now they are suing each other. Listen to what The Show had to say here:

The photo above was never before released because Swift herself thought it was a bit too scandalous for the public to handle.  The one she claims would only encourage "scandalous and prurient" behavior.  

This photo is also the "smoking gun" at the center of her sexual assault lawsuit against former DJ David Mueller.

Swift alleges that in this photo, Mueller "reached up under my skirt and grabbed my ass right when I was having to pose for this photo."

Swift has tried to keep this photo under wraps and claims that it would prejudice the potential jury? 

Mueller himself denies grabbing Taylor's ass at all, has sued her over it and has also lost his job because of it. Swift is now counter suing for sexual assault.

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