Ashley Judd Speaks Out On What She Calls 'Everyday Sexism' at Airport

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Listen to what The Show had to say about Ashley Judd experiencing what she calls 'everyday sexism' in the airport.

Ashley Judd took to Facebook live to speak out against what she calls 'everyday sexism.'  During a recent trip through the airport, Judd, claims that she encountered an airport employee interacted with her in ways that she deemed inappropriate... you know, like telling her to have a nice day. What an a-hole.

In the video above she took to Facebook to give a detailed explanation of the encounter and said that people rarely speak out on these kinds of things.

“This is the kind of thing to me that happens which I categorize as everyday sexism,” she said. “And it is so easy to let it go and not to speak up, particularly when it is so easy for someone to push back and say ‘Oh, I was just being polite.’”

“So I was coming through security and a guy said ‘Hey sweetheart,’ and I said, ‘I’m not your sweetheart, I am your client.’ So I was already setting a boundary. When I was setting my things out, he said, ‘Hey nice dress!’” she explained. “I didn’t hear him say anything about the attire of any of the other folks in the entire line and I am in one of the most traveled airports in the world. I’m surrounded by lots and lots of other people dressed in lots of different kinds of dress.”

Judd then said that the man even touched her.  Although she did not reveal how or where.

The actress did put a complaint with the manager.

“My intention is to put principles above personalities. I’m not here to be controversial. I am not here to be combative. But I asked for a manager, and I introduced myself and I shook his hand and I explained my situation and I also explained that there were also a lot of other people who saw it,” she said in the Facebook Live.

Judd then released a second video on Facebook claiming that the manager apologized and said that the employees are never supposed to touch anyone and  that all employees are only trained to call people "sir" and "madam."  Although calling her madam probably would have upset her as well...?

Judd claims that her only intent on sharing a Facebook live video was simply to discuss a problem and to highlight a solution.

Photo: Getty Images

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