Irate Man Punches McDonald's Worker Over Wait For Fries

(Warning: clip contains graphic language.)

This video is going viral today after a witness caught this fight on camera. 

Alfredo Sanchez said that the fight started over some french fries.

“We were eating and all of a sudden, like, I hear my friend say, like, what the heck,” said Sanchez. “And like, I see a guy come in with a big dog.”

Sanchez recorded the video on his phone. 

“He’s telling the people, like, I waited two hours for my fries,” he recalled.

Sanchez said that the man was irate over his fries taking so long.  He told KFOX14 News that the man swiped a cookie display off the counter and started threatening an employee.

“The guy takes off his shirt and he’s ready to fight him, ready to fight, jumps over the counter and that’s when he hits the guy,” he said. “He just punches him, right here, right on the lip.”

“The employees were already trying to stop the guy and it was just kind of a mess,” he explained. “I was like, I’m not getting in this, but I’m recording, just for proof, to protect me too. What if the guy attacks me? What if the dog does something?”

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