'Manly' Things That Guys Do That Women Actually Find Annoying AF

this is courtesy of the ladies on Reddit.  The question was  “what do guys do that they think is ‘being manly’ but in reality is the furthest thing from it?”

Here's what the ladies had to say... Read and learn guys, read and learn...

1. Being the angry guy 

Adults should have more control over their emotions than toddlers do. 

2. Not being able to do basic adult tasks, like cooking and cleaning

Men seem to think that's a woman's job, but not being able to take care of yourself makes you look incompetent, not manly.

3. Guys who always have to be "alpha" in every situation

4. Starting random fights to prove how macho you are

5. Generally policing other men's "manliness"

6. Driving dangerously fast

7. Bragging about how much money you have

8. Thinking women should walk behind you

9. Avoiding 'girly' drinks because they threaten your masculinity

10. Never admitting a mistake

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