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Eddie: Larry The Cable Guy Is A Fraud!

Sky: Adam Sandler Made  A Good Movie?

Ashlee: this Is What I Wear When I am Cleaning

Thor: This is what I ate yesterday! I'M GRIEVING! SAVE THE E MAILS!! SAVE EM!

Today on The Show

Men who eat a certain diet may be more attractive to women — but it has nothing to do with how they look

Trump says both sides to blame amid Charlottesville backlash

Chargers fans get inked in 'Fight for L.A.' tattoo giveaway

Fitness Blogger Is Tired Sports Bra Shaming At The Gym

Deadmau5 Buys 'Rick and Morty'-Inspired McDonald's Szechuan Sauce for $15,000

MoviePass threatened with lawsuit after slashing subscription fees to $10 a month

The key to a happy relationship is liking the same brands, suggests new research

Man shoots himself in the heart with a nail gun, washes up and drives to the hospital

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