8 Signs Your House Is Just Waiting To Get Broken Into

1. Trash Barrrels Are Out - Days Before And After Pickup

If your trash cans are out several days before or after trash day, that is an obvious sign that you're gone for the weekend.  Also, be wary of leaving boxes from the flat-screen TV or any other high ticket item at the curb - just makes your house look more enticing to rob.  Plus, it let's burglars know that you like to spend cash on high ticket items.

2. It's Clear You Have  A Cat

Do you have those little window decals on your car that tells everyone how many kids, pets, and fishes that you have.  Turns out thieves look for those and assume that if you have a cat that you may leave a window open somewhere to let the cat come and go during the day.  On the flip side of that don't assume that if you have a big dog your house is safe.  Turns out the little "yappier" dogs are the ones that make the most noise.

3. There Are Windows On Your Garage Doors

According to an NACHI survey, 80% of home invaders will peek into the garage windows to determine whether or not the homeowner's car is inside and revealing if the homeowner is home or not. 9% of burglars have entered homes through the garage after checking to see if the car was in the garage.

4. Your Neighborhood Is Full Of Rental Properties

Turns out if someone is renting a home they are less likely to care about what's going on around them and only concerned with themselves which makes you more vulnerable.  If people in the neighborhood ar actual homeowners they are more likely to pay attention to who is coming and going and could be more proactive about calling the cops if they see something.

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