Mother Facing Felony charges For Using Recorder To Thwart School Bullies


Sarah Sims daughter came home complaining that she was being bullied at her school in Virginia and like any other parent, Sarah became quite concerned.

Sims claims that she reached out to the administrators at her daughters elementary school in Norfolk Virginia where her daughter is only in the 4th grade, but she got no response from the school.  

Later, sims took it upon herself to do some investigating of her own.  She sent her daughter to school with a voice recorder in her backpack intending to catch audio from the classroom. When school officials found out that Sim's daughter had a voice recorder in her backpack, the school confiscated the device which had been in her daughters desk. 

Now, Sims is being charged with a felony -- intercepting wire, electrocing or oral communications with a misdemeanor -- contributing to the delinquency of a minor and is facing up to five years in prison if convicted of a felony charge.

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