27 Top Food Names That Parents Are Now Giving Their Babies

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin may have started the trend when they named their child Apple which was unheard of at the time.  After they made headlines for naming their child after a fruit, the number of people naming their children after food increased considerably according to the Social Security Administration.

Here are 27 food-related names and the number of newborns given those names in 2016:

Lemon (26 girls)

Cherry (40 girls)

Kale (100 boys)

Pepper (136 girls, nine boys)

Saffron (30 girls)

Maple (113 girls)

Basil (22 girls, 60 boys)

Apple (11 girls)

Clementine (378 girls)

Huckleberry (27 boys)

Sage (928 girls, 526 boys)

Lilikoi (eight girls)

Ginger (56 girls)

Cayenne (eight girls)

Berry (10 boys)

Olive (1,155 girls, nine boys)

Amaranth (five girls)

Brie (75 girls)

Nori (168 girls, 13 boys)

Candy (49 girls)

Anise (13 girls)

Jasmine (2,625 girls, six boys)

Rosemary (729 girls)

Honey (50 girls)

Lotus (88 girls, seven boys)

Maize (six girls, five boys)

Curry (13 boys)

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