Woman In Open Relationship With Two Chandeliers


One woman is claiming that she is in an open relationship... with two chandeliers and has even revealed that she is engaged to one of them.

Amanda Liberty is her name and she loves her antique chandelier from Germany so much that she has embarked on a relationship with it and is now engaged to the chandelier she has named Lumiere.

Liberty fell in love with the chandelier after she spotted it on eBay just over to 12 months ago however, it turns out she was already in a relationship and actually prefers to cuddle up to a more portable chandelier in which she names jewel.   

She identifies herself as Objectum Sexual, which means she is attracted to objects and claims that she is in an open relationship with all of the chandeliers in her house but she is engaged to only one of them.

Read about more of the objects she has fallen in love with.  Including the Statue of Liberty

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