6 Reasons Why You Should DeletePhotos Of your Ex

Getting rid of photos of your ex on social media is a good idea for several reasons. It's actually much healthier to get rid of photos on social media because it if a much faster way to get over them and here ares 6 other good reasons why getting rid of your ex's photos on Facebook is a good idea.

1. Staring at photos of your ex might make you forget why you broke up in the first place

According to one study says that keeping tabs on your ex on social media let to "greater current distress over the breakup, more negative feelings, more sexual desire, more longing for that person and  lowers your overall personal growth."

2. Future partners feel like you're still into your ex

Even if the breakup was a long time coming and ended mutually, your next date might worry when they see pics of you and your ex being so happy on social media.

3. There is no good reason to keep them

Choosing to keep photos of your ex on your profile, that you know you check multiple times a day is choosing to stall moving on – whether it comes denial that it's really over, or denial that you maybe miss your ex, or just a general fear of people judging your post-breakup pain. If you truly want to live your life and reconnect with friends and one day be ready for a new relationship, the remnants of your old one only hold you back.

4. It makes it so easy to creep on other aspects of your ex's life

Even if you've unfollowed them on social media, they're still tagged in some of your photos which means that they are literally one click away from you getting lured back to there page where you can stalk their latest happenings and how happy they are now.

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