Keaton Jones' Viral Fame Has Been Both 'Great' And 'Awful' According To Mom

The Keaton Jones video started out simple enough:  kid makes video about being bullied.  The video goes viral.  Kid gets support from major celebrities and people around the world and all sorts of very cool invitations from famous people in sports and entertainment.

Then things went south quickly:  With accusations of racism and opportunistic  and fraudulent fundraising coming from his mother's social media pages.  Even social media grew cold and heartless social media posts were surfacing that portrayed Keaton as the character Sloth from "The Goonies," which brought the bullying full circle.

“I knew that it could be great, and I knew that it could be awful,” Keaton’s mom, Kimberly, said on “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday. “And it has been.” 

As for the GoFundMe page, it was started on Tuesday morning by a New Jersey man who said he didn't even know the family but started the campaign on Keaton's behalf. Since the backlash has gone viral and the GoFundMe account was halted, the man started offering refunds to donors.  For those that didn't want their money back, he said  he would likely donate $25,000 to a scholarship fund for Keaton while the balance might go to Rachel's Challenge charity.

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