Brian Baumgartner aka Kevin from The Office chats about his new book!

Don't drop the chili!

Remember when Kevin Malone, the bumbling accountant from The Office, spilled it all over the carpet? How about when he went golfing with Jim and Andy trying to close a deal? Maybe when he owned a bar in the series finale?

If any of those come to mind, then you will love Brian Baumgartner's new book WELCOME TO DUNDER MIFFLIN: The Ultimate Oral History of The Office.

Brian played Kevin on the NBC sitcom for all 9 seasons and after a successful podcast with lots of behind the scenes tidbits, he published this book to give even MORE behind the scenes stories and pictures.

I spoke to Brian and we discussed the new book, when the Office had it's biggest audience, the new Office Experience in Chicago, and the next time he will be making an appearance in Scranton, PA! (Home of Dunder Mufflin!)

More HERE and check out the interview below!

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