Hailing from the Bay Area, Marty Whitney has been entertaining listeners over the radio for several years. Prior to his broadcast career, he worked as a bartender in San Francisco, serving up lots drinks and laughter to crowds every night. Nowadays, Marty can be heard weekdays hosting the Morning Music Marathon on ALT 98.7 (Los Angeles), and also weeknights on KIOZ Rock 105.3 (San Diego).

Throughout his career, Marty has received various awards and accolades including nominations for Alternative Music Director of the Year by industry magazines Gavin, FMQB, and Radio and Records. He was also profiled in a Rolling Stone magazine article during his time working in satellite radio.

Beyond the mic, Marty is a husband and father to a 16-month-old son. He also loves skateboarding to his favorite pizzeria, ZigZag, and wandering around swap meets in search of inspirational pieces for his in-home studio.



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