I am driving home from work yesterday when all of a sudden in my neighborhood I see NBC 7 anchor Rory Divine.  Rory is out on the street with her cameraman talking to one of my neighbors.  I figure this must be about 1 of 2 issues that La Jollan's are concerned about right now.  Issues #1 is the "McMansion" issue, which is taking the small entry level homes and turning them into mansions so normal families can no longer afford to live there.  But that issues was so La Jolla 2016.  The latest issue, Issue #2, is the airport noise.  For the last 4 to 6 months there has been a huge change in the airplane noise in La Jolla.  It basically went from zero noise to hearing planes all the time, everyday.  It's not like it keeps me up at night or anything.  But I do have to admit that on days when the clouds are just right or something that a plane taking off from the airport can basically shake my house with the noise.  Not my battle to fight but it looks like some of my neighbors are gearing up ...... (video being posted soon)