So the hubby and I got to spend a wonderful Valentine's Day this year in Hawaii.  We lucked out and got to broadcast from the islands turned it into a family vacation / Valentine's Day celebration.  We got to have an amazing sunset dinner with Eddie and his wife as our kids were being entertained at the kids club.  Our kids were having so much fun that we even went for a lovely after dinner walk by the water.  After getting back to our room and putting our daughter to bed (we had the 1 bedroom suite so we had a closing bedroom door) it was husband and wife time.  I was surprised when my hubby pulled out a gift for me.  It was a bit heavy and wrapped in tissue paper.  I start to feel the metal as I open it and assume it is a necklace.  Nope I was WRONG!  He got me these...............Guess after I saw the 50 Shades Darker movie he heard me on air asking our friend and sex expert Sadie Allison about the nipple clamps that I saw in the movie.  I asked her because I couldn't wrap my head around why anyone would ever want to use such a thing.  WTF????  Sometimes I wonder if my husband even knows me.  It was a big thanks but no thanks on those bad boys.  Hope they weren't too expensive!