Not sure about you but I found myself super emotional when I heard the news last week of Chris Cornell's passing.  He has been one of my favorite Rock vocalists for a long time.  Even though I enjoyed Soundgarden I was never a crazy fan.  But when Chris Cornell got with the guys from Rage Against the Machine to form the band Audioslave.........I was hooked!!!!  Back when Audioslave was formed we were doing mornings at a Rock radio station in the SF Bay area.  We were invited to a special intimate concert with this new band Audioslave before the kicked off a massive tour.  We got there early and got to hang out backstage with Chris Cornell before the show started.  I remembered he was a super sweet guy and was joking about how he wanted to get this shows started but literally they couldn't find guitarist Tom Morello cause he was out on the streets of SF protesting the Iraq war.  Finally he came in off the streets and we were treated to an awesome concert that I will never forget.  RIP Chris

Here is the poster that they gave out at the end of the night.  I wish I would have grabbed one!