What year is this???  2099?????  The other day I got home from work, walked into our home office and was so confused at what I saw.  My daughters new shoes were plugged into our computer's USB port.  What?  A few weeks back the hubby and I did a mini get away for 2 nights in the desert.  My mom came to stay with our 7 year old daughter and sent a text asking if she could buy Lovelyn a new pair of shoes.  I reply sure and think to myself, that is super nice and practical gift.  Then I get home and see the new shoes.  They are shiny silver, boy high top Sketchers that the bottoms light up and change colors.  WTF???  Who knew they even made shoes like that?  Of course she loves the shoes and I figure whatever if they make her happy.  But I never thought about where the power comes from on those bad-boys.  Turns out you have to charge the shoes with a USB plug.  Am I super old for thinking plugging your shoes into a computer is crazy?