Three things I love.....Oggi's, Free Stuff & Pint Glasses!!!!  I know the first two things I love don't surprise anyone.  But you might be shocked to know that I have a pretty big pint glass collection at home.  Back in the day we use to have a different brewery in the radio station each Friday.  And each Friday they would bring in pint glasses for us to take home.  So if you ever come to my house and I offer you anything to drink besides wine, it will be served in a pint glass!  So you better believe that when I heard Oggi's is giving out pint glasses on Father's Day I knew exactly where I wanted to take my husband, Dad and brother on Sunday.  Here are the details on the pint glass for Dad..........This Sunday-On Father’s Day Customers will receive a free Oggi's father’s day pint glass that reads   "Father Of The Year" when they buy any Oggi's beer of their choice.  ·         Dine-in only·         While supplies last·         One per order·         Available at all Oggis locations