Over the weekend I got to spend some time in our yard.  I love working in the yard.  I find it a treat to go in the yard for an hour and pull weeds and trim flowers.  Yesterday I was out in the yard sitting in our spa.  When all of a sudden I notice a MASSIVE (maybe not massive but it felt that way) weed sticking out of the ground.  This stupid weed is right in an area where I weeded and trimmed the roses just the other day.  How did I miss that?  Like seriously it must have been right in my face and I didn't even see it.  I tell myself since I don't have any shoes and it is just one weed that I'll get it next weekend.  The longer I sit there the more I stare at it and the bigger and more upsetting it becomes.  Finally I knew that the hubby was in ear shot so I ask him to come outside for help.  When he gets outside and I ask him to please pull that single weed over in the back of the yard he looks at me like a crazy person.  I look back at him with the of course I'm crazy but you love me anyway look.  So he let out a big sign and went and pulled the offensive weed.  Crisis averted!!!!