The Show took a long weekend and it was amazing.  I was in one of those places in my life where I felt like an exhausted worker bee.  I felt like I could never get fully rested.  I also have felt recently like no matter how much stuff I check off my "to-do" list there are always 10 additional things I need to add.  Just constant motion but never really seeing any sort of finish line.  I frustrated and exhausted feeling.  So my plan over the long weekend was to have fun, rest and get some stuff accomplished.  Didn't get a ton accomplished except for resting and having fun.  But that counts and my soul feels better today for it.  Some of my favorite moments were Thursday night when the hubby and I went to see GRiZ at the Observatory in North Park.  The Observatory is our favorite spot to see a show.  We had downloaded a few GRiZ songs in the past but didn't really know what to expect at his show.  OMG, some of the most fun I've had in a long time and I danced and drank my face off!!!!!

Sundays since football started have really become Mommy Daughter days.  The hubby has always liked football but since he started doing Fantasy Football he is "booked" all day Sunday all season long (lame).  So yesterday we met some friends at Liberty Station for the day.  But when we got home it was still so hot and the hubby was still watching football.  So we grabbed the boogie board and hit the beach.  Amazing weekend!