I am so excited about the Guns N' Roses show tonight!!!!  The last time I saw them perform was in Oakland in 1992 when they were on tour with Metallica.  I was only 14 years old when my Mom gave me permission to go with my 16 year old brother and a girlfriend of mine to the show.  Looking back I am guessing she didn't really know much about Metallica or Guns N Roses.  She probably figured it was like a Beach Boys concert or something.  That night was nuts.  I remember traffic being so bad that my girlfriend and I got out of my brothers car on the freeway and jumped into a random limo of other teens and started partying.  Then my girlfriend Jeni lost one of her shoes when people started pulling up the grass on the field and throwing it.  It was so crazy at one point it seemed like it was just raining dirt and grass.  I will never forget poor Jeni had to walk back to the car with just one shoe.  I remember taking my bodysuit (yes bodysuit) off when I got home and having mud inside of my clothes.  It was a crazy night.  So glad I held on to the shirt I bought that night so I can rock it 25 years later!!!