#TBT - My 1999 Ornament

Ever since I was a baby my parents (really my Mom) has gotten me a new ornament each year.  The ornament will either reflect something that went on in my life or some big world event from that year.  After I got married and moved out my Mom gave me all my old ornaments.  We were decorating the tree the other night and I laughed out loud when I came across my ornament from 1999.  This was the year that I got hired as a full time employee at the radio station.  My Mom found a pen (yes this thing is a pen) of a frizzy haired girl listening to a discman (#so1999).  She took a little string and made a badge around my neck to try and look like the security badge I would wear to work that said "Sky" on it.  My Mom is the best!

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