Why does my hippy brain operate the way it does?  I don't think anyone will ever truly know.  Fun fact about Sky, I am in LOVE with coconut oil.  Not really so much to eat, even though my hubby tells me all the time how amazing it is for us.  But I love coconut oil as a moisturizer.  Seriously I will put that stuff on every inch of my body.  From the top of my head as a deep conditioning treatment all the way down to my feet to keep them soft and everything in between.  It is seriously amazing.  I have gotten so many compliments about my skin since I started using coconut oil and it is so much cheaper than any beauty product.  We always get the same organic hippy brand of coconut oil (Dr Bronner's) and keep multiple jars in the house.  But the other day we actually ran out of coconut oil!  We didn't have a chance to go to our normal store and figured that the corner store must have some.  We go and they do have coconut oil but it is Crisco brand.  WTF????  This does not compute to my hippy anti-establishment brain.  It says certified organic on the bottle, the ingredients says 100% coconut oil.  Why won't I trust it?  Just cause the brand is Crisco?  We bought it but quickly went out to the store the next day to get the "real stuff".  #SoSky