Oh no, I think this weekend I took the turn!  I have always enjoyed a good garage sale.  But this weekend I became the person who believes they find treasures at garage sales.  Hopefully I don't end up that old lady hoarder who thinks that everything is amazing and has to buy everything.  I blame my love of the TV shows American Pickers, Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, etc...  It probably didn't help that I had a little buzz on when I was doing my shopping this weekend.  We were at a friends house having brunch and watching football on Sunday.  Around 2:50 my friend says to put down my drink and grab my wallet cause we gotta go.  I had no clue where we were going.  I guess the house next door was having an estate sale that was ending at 3:00.  So the last 10 minutes is kinda an offer whatever you want situation and normally they will take it.  I might have gone a bit crazy.  But I really like all the stuff I got.  The cream of the crop are these two cabinets that we believe were originally built-in cabinets in a 100 year old house.  The cabinets even have insurance paperwork to go along with them.  Got a super steal on those bad boys.  We also got some random art, old records, an old reel to reel machine, and a copy of the UT in 1958 talking about if we should make Hawaii a state.  Not sure if we got any true treasures but we had a great time shopping and these things will make cool additions to our home.