So embarrassing!  Last night I went to one of my daughter's schools annual fundraising events.  This one is always held at a beautiful house just down the street from mine.  Which is great cause I can walk, because the night is all about wine.  Basically you bring 2 nice bottles to donate for the school auction then you bring a 3rd bottle and appetizer to share with the party.  These wine baskets end up bringing in a bunch of money for the school.  Shocker that people in La Jolla will pay a bunch of money for wine!  So I was stoked yesterday when I was at work and got a text from the hubby saying he went to the store and picked up the wine and an appetizer for me to bring.  I'm stoked cause I don't have to do that on my way home from work.  But the more I think about it the more I wonder what he got for the appetizer to share.  Knowing my hubby I knew this was going to be an issue.  Guy decided that everyone would love a healthy energy bar cookie thing.  What?  We had some friends over and we all told him FAIL.  He disagreed and said that he "knows his audience" and that these were going to be a hit.  I took photographic evidence from the snack table all night.  Guess who ended up leaving the party with a full tray of healthy cookies????  This gal right here!