Yesterday was a long day.  I didn't get a nap, when you get up at 2:45 am your afternoon nap really matters.  So we had a low key Valentine's.  We went out to an early (4:45 pm) dinner just the three of us.  I was looking back for a TBT Valentine's Day picture and came across this one from 2011.  I LOVE the smile on my daughters face.  I could seriously stare at this picture all day and be so happy!  I think I love it so much because right now Lovelyn is 8 going on 18 and I rarely get to see that smile anymore.  Occasionally she will slip up and let some pure joy our in our presence.  But unfortunately these days she is so busy trying to look cool and point out how mean we are that she forgets to smile.  Maybe once she graduates from college I'll get to see that look on her face again!