Saturday morning I ran  into freaking John Cena in PB!  As we have discussed on The Show my 8 year old daughter Lovelyn is a Girl Scout.  Saturday was our turn again to do "booth sales" for the troop.  Booth Sales refers to when we strategically place cute little girls outside business to harass you until you buy cookies.  😊 It's called marketing people!  So Lovelyn and I are working her shift outside the Von's in PB Saturday morning when all of a sudden walking out of the store towards us with a cart full of groceries was John Cena.  If he would of kept walking I probably wouldn't have said anything and just wondered all day if that was really him or just some hot Marine who looked like him.  But John being the sweet man that he is, walks right up to the table and says "I would like to buy some cookies please".  No one at the table except for me knows who he is.  So John drops a $100, asks for one box of Thin Mints and says to give the rest to the troops.  I ask him if he would mind taking a pictures with the girls and he was so sweet and told them to keep up the good work.  After that a bit of a crowd started to form so he took off into the parking lot with his groceries.  So cool!