Why is moving so horrible?!?!?!?  My family moved over the weekend.  I am exhausted and feel like I have been sorting, cleaning, packing and unpacking for an eternity!  

This move came as a bit of a surprise to people.  Everyone knows how much I love our neighborhood.  I have also talked people's ears off about all the work we put into our home of the last 5 years.  But the hubby and I felt it was time to move on.  Our goal is two fold....to get a legit backyard and some privacy.  Now I am not talking about a massive estate or something.  But we would like a yard with room for maybe a pool and also a bit of yard to run around.  And since the goal is to eventually have a pool we would also like a yard where multiple homes can't see into your backyard.  

We made a promise to our 8 year old daughter that she will not have to leave her school or friends.  So we found a cute little rental just down the street from our old home.  It is just a two bed, two bath but it has a nice yard and is on a court.  The house is a lot smaller than our last but it will be plenty for our little family of 3.  Fingers crossed that we eventually find our dream home.  But not too soon cause I don't even want to think about packing and moving again in the near future!

I think of this Friends scene each time that hubby and I move furniture....