We are finally settling into our new rental home.  After being in our last house for over 5 years it is nice that this new place is starting to finally feel like home.  Now that all the boxes have been emptied we are not starting to put stuff up on the walls.  The hubby and I can't agree on a piece of art that I want to hang on the wall in the hall/our daughters bathroom.  The hubby is afraid that some people might think the art is racist.  We got this piece a few years back at a garage sale down the street.  I saw these cute little curly haired girls taking a bath and thought it would be perfect for our daughters bathroom.  When we asked the owner about it she mentions that this is a great piece of Folk Art.  I then notice the name of the painting "Bath Time In The Big House".  She sold it to us for super cheap and it has been in storage ever since.   I think the painting is super cute and shows had kids don't see color.  But the hubby thinks it will make us look racist to hang this.  If you saw this in someones bathroom would you think they are racist?