My Easter this year was a 3 day event!  It started on Friday with the P1 Easter Egg Hunt.  Thanks to everyone who came out, it was an amazing time.  We have a whole page of pictures and video on the Rock website.  From there I hit the grocery store to do all my shopping cause for some crazy reason I offered to host my family this year!  And the hubby and I (who don't know how to cook) decided that we were going to make a whole chicken for Easter lunch.  Oh my!

Saturday was more Easter fun when Emily and I hung out with the Easter Bunny at Oggi's.  We had baskets and treats for the kids.  So much fun.  Then once I got back home it was all about stuff eggs and prepping the house for the next day.

Yesterday morning I woke up thinking about that stupid chicken.  I just didn't want to under cook or mess it up somehow it and get everyone sick.  Once we got the chicken in the oven it was smooth sailing from there.  Or maybe it just felt that way cause that was the point I started drinking!  😊 So much food, tons of crafts and so many eggs for my daughter and her cousin to hunt.  Easter 2018 was a success!