If you did not hear I moved about a month ago.  We sold our house and moved into a cute little rental down the street.  It's all part of a bigger, long term real estate play that we can discuss at another time.  Our rental house is small but super cute.  An old couple lived in it for 30 years before recently moving into a retirement home.  A bunch of the homes in our neighborhood are older so they have tiny 50's/60's style bathrooms.  So when we looked at this home and it had a roomy master bath among other things, we were sold.  Well it turns out the hubby and I have different vibes on our new shower.  He saw all the space and immediately started thinking "sexy time".  I saw the big tile shower and thought about how it was built for an old person.  It is one of those showers that you can roll a wheelchair or walker in.  So all I think when I look at that thing is 90 year old naked people while the hubby is thinking of all the freaky stuff we can do.  Am I off base on this one?

Is this shower sexy or not?